A Conservative Approach to Wealth Building


Wealth Management Advisors, Inc.sm strives to deliver to their clients a progressive, sophisticated asset management service by selecting portfolio managers of various styles who have successfully proven themselves over time.


Studies have shown that the asset allocation decision is one of the most important determinants of investment performance.  Therefore, Wealth Management Advisors, Inc. sm will generally select managers that offer asset allocation as part of their service.


Different investment styles and disciplines fall in and out of favor. No one can make the right asset allocation decision 100% of the time. Therefore, we diversify our client portfolios by selecting investment managers with varied asset allocation methodologies.


The asset allocation strategies we use share a common trend; they are constantly reviewed and periodically re-balanced.  We feel it is imperative to maintain a disciplined approach to asset allocation in order to keep pace with the ever-changing marketplace and economy.  However, investors need to be aware that no investment plan or asset allocation strategy can eliminate the risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns.


Once the asset allocation decision is made, the next step is to implement the strategies. This is accomplished through the selection of portfolio managers that have superior relative performance.  This is not a passive process. All too often yesterday’s winner becomes tomorrow’s loser.  Consequently, the portfolio managers we utilize are evaluated on an ongoing basis to assure that our clients have some of the best possible investment professionals working for them.


Equally as important as the initial manager selection, is the monitoring of a portfolio’s performance.  We feel communication with the client is of utmost importance. To accomplish the task of monitoring portfolios and keeping the client well informed, we use a state of the art asset portfolio management software program.  With this system, we download transaction information daily, enabling us to evaluate performance and locate necessary adjustments in a timely fashion.


In our quarterly client meetings, we review each portfolio utilizing the sophisticated reporting features of our software. 



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Investment advisory services, fixed and traditional insurance, and tax and accounting services offered through Wealth Management Advisors, Inc.SM, a Registered Investment Advisor.  Tax preparation and Bookkeeping services offered through WMA Tax Services, LLC.